Seed Terminator

Make the most of every pass

In Ag we know that it is all about the one-percenters, that’s why we work hard to help you get every last weed.​

Save time and money on wearable parts

Our AeroIMPACT 3 Multistage Hammer Mill screens are proven performers, 60% thicker and made from specially sourced Australian Steel. With a quick changeover of 20 minutes to replace screens, uptime is always at the forefront of our R&D.

Cut lower with confidence

Our patented Magnet Tray is now standard on all colours, allowing farmers to cut lower with confidence. The easy to fit tray contains 79 rare earth magnets each with 9.2kg pulling force to catch ferrous objects on the sieve.

Uptime with paddock proven technology

The Seed Terminator mechanical drive is paddock proven, with over four years of development, 281 harvests and continuous improvement with our Farmer Research Partners – it works.
​Plus with our 2 year driveline warranty there’s nothing holding you back.

Terminate weeds

Seed Terminator Benefits

  • Our patented stone doors and flexible flails allow stones to pass through the mills, with no stone damaged mills over 6 harvests in 3 continents. 
  • The only mills that kill regardless of RPM & Moisture with 4 Modes of Action 

Stop the spread of weeds

Drive the population down.